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Students converse in several groups on campus grounds.

Info for students

Studying means learning, growing, mastering. In each phase of your studies you will encounter new things and with each semester you will get to know the university system better and better. What else will help you along the way? Find news, resources and tips here.

Currently important:

Can ChatGPT write my term paper for me? No.
Are there cases where I can use AI technologies when writing? Yes!

Find a first orientation for dealing with AI when writing in your studies here:
Writing with AI

Students walk towards the main building

Start of studying

There is a lot to learn in the first semesters - not only in your subject, but also all the trappings. We help you arrive at the university.

A lot of new things at the beginning - get an overview!

UNIGRAZCard, names of buildings and the Uni system - find an insight into the different terms and abbreviations that will accompany you as a student.

FAQs - The first semester

FAQs - Campus

FAQs - University structure & legal issues

What you need in order to use your Uni account

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

so that your identity can be verified


so that you can also access your services such as mail or Moodle outside the uni wifi


so that you have secure access to the Internet on campus

Students learn at the UB levels

In the middle of studies

During your studies, you will have to deal with a wide variety of tasks - from writing a seminar paper to downloading the right software. Find all important topics and contact points here!

Counselling and services

Pieces of the puzzle, answers for your questions: Talk to experts at the service and counselling centers that support you during your studies.

Counselling services

IT services

Barrier-free studies

You might also find what you are looking for in the FAQs - During the studies

Flexible timing of exams

Not all at once - with flExam you book your digital exams taken on campus to fit your schedule. Within fixed exam weeks, several exam dates (slots) are available and you choose. This way you can spread your exam load over the semester and better balance your studies, job and family.

More about flExam

Overview of the study programmes

An additional, other or next study programme - find all areas of study at the University of Graz:

Bachelor/Diploma studies

Master studies

Doctorate/PhD studies

Take a look at the dates and deadlines if you want to change your subject or start an additional one.

Students celebrate graduation

Completing your studies

Almost there! The final phase comprises the thesis or final exam and the look ahead: Where are you going?

What is the procedure for graduation?

This depends on the faculty you belong to. You can find information about the thesis, the necessary protocols for the degree, the examination procedure and the time requirements directly at the respective dean's offices or examination departments.

Questions about studying here?

4students is happy to help!

Mo - Fr: 9 am - 12 noon
Tue & Thu: 1 pm - 3 pm
Universitätsplatz 3a/II
8010 Graz
+43 316 380 - 1066

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