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Studierende stehen mit ihren Rädern am Campus und unterhalten sich

Master’s Plus

Your study programme + one master’s module = Master’s Plus

Broaden your skills by adding a future topic of your choice and actively shape your career. 



Certificate from the University of Graz

ECTS credit points


Module begins

summer semester

Module duration

2 semesters

Language of instruction

German & English

Topics to choose from

choice between 6 master’s modules

Master’s Plus

Even more future? With the new master’s modules, you can turn your master’s programme into a Master’s Plus. To be exact, this means that in two semesters you can work intensively on a future topic of your choice – be it communications, digitalization, media, entrepreneurship or pecebuilding and climate change. 


Reasons to do a Master’s Plus

More professional opportunities

Acquire important skills for career and work

Lots of practical experience

Varied and interactive courses, from exercises to excursions


Excellent and personal support in small teams


FAQ: Key facts

A master’s programme supplemented by a master’s module is called a Master’s Plus programme.


In these modules spanning different study programmes and different disciplines, master’s students acquire key competences for the professional and working world and their personal development.

In the curricula of the individual programmes, the Master's modules of the Master's Plus programme are referred to as "cross-faculty Master's modules" (German: Überfakultäre Mastermodule).

No, the Master’s Plus is free of charge for master’s and diploma students at the University of Graz. 


Yes, that is possible. Keep in mind that a master’s module comprises 24 ECTS and must be completed in 2 semesters. 


The next online info session will be held on 11/14/2024 at 16:30.

registration online info session


A master’s module comprises 24 ECTS credit points.


The master’s modules always start in the summer semester.


A master’s module always lasts 2 semesters (i.e. the summer semester and the following winter semester).

Please arrange to be able to complete the Master's Degree Plus, in one go. We cannot guarantee that all Master's modules will be offered every year and interruption/extension may result in you not being able to complete it.

FAQs: prerequisites, application & admission

The Master’s Plus is generally open to students of all master’s and diploma programmes at the University of Graz. An important prerequisite is your willingness to complete the module in 2 semesters and to work in teams.


Please find out well in advance about the prerequisites. Choose a master’s module and fill in during the application period from 1.10.-15.1. the short application form.  You will receive a message by the end of January at the latest telling you whether you have been accepted. The module starts in the summer semester.




Yes. The timing of your application is crucial for admission: the earlier you apply, the higher your chances of being accepted. Only students of master’s programmes in which the Master’s Plus programme is integrated are given priority.

In principle, students can also register if they are in the bachelor’s programme. Please note that these applications will first be placed on a waiting list. When they finish the BA programme and are then enrolled in the master’s programme, the adjustment can be made in UNIGRAZonline. From this point on, if there are still places available, you can get a fixed place.


The Master’s Plus is aimed at students of all master and diploma programmes at the University of Graz and their cooperation study programmes.


Yes. In the curriculum, the Master’s Plus programme is referred to as an “interfaculty master’s module”.


Yes, that is correct. Since the master’s module is included in your curriculum, you can complete a master’s module instead of Module F or Module G, as well as 12 ECTS of free elective courses. You have thus covered the free electives and the option to choose between modules F and G, as the master’s module comprises a total of 24 ECTS.


In principle, yes. However, it does not make sense to study more than one master’s module at a time. Consider the workload of 24 ECTS over a fixed duration of 2 semesters. 

FAQ: Studying the Master’s Plus

Course registration for the winter semester takes place in September, as is usual for all courses.


The Master’s Plus programme can be completed during (or as part of) the master’s or diploma programme and is a full-time programme.


No. The Master’s Plus programme always starts in the summer semester.


Receiving credit for other courses must always be discussed with the person responsible for the module and the respective dean's office. However, this cannot shorten the duration of your (Master’s Plus) studies.


Unfortunately not. Since the Master’s Plus programme is integrated into the regular degree programmes and these are full-time studies, part-time study is unfortunately not possible.


In principle, it is recommended to complete one module. Keep the workload in mind of 24 ECTS to be completed over 2 semesters.


No, a Master’s Plus programme is always designed for 2 semesters (for pedagogical-didactic and subject-methodological reasons).


Students taking a master’s module must complete it within two semesters from the start of the cycle in which they have been accepted. In cases worthy of consideration, this deadline may be extended by one semester. Please contact the teaching department (mastermodule[at]uni-graz.at).


No. The Master’s Plus programme is to be completed as part of the regular degree programme, therefore it is not an add-on that could lead to a corresponding extension or exemption.


FAQ: degree & certificate

Completion of the Master’s Plus is the positive completion of all courses embedded in the respective module.


After successful completion of a master’s module, you will receive a certificate from the University of Graz.


No, this is not possible. As soon as the master’s programme is completed (= day of the last examination), the study programme is closed and you cannot take any further courses. Please keep in mind that the Master’s Plus programme is part of the master’s/diploma programme.


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