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The abbreviation can stand for the Office of International Relations, which is responsible for internships or studies abroad. It is located in the main building and is the first point of contact for students on semesters abroad from all over the world.

Office of International Relations

BIB is also a casual abbreviation for the “library,” resulting in phrases such as “I'm at the Bib!”.

FB stands for the faculty or subject library. There are several of these at the University of Graz, housing specialist literature from the respective subject areas. The locations and opening times can be found here:

Locations and opening hours of the libraries

The Heizhaus refers to a building at the university housing two lecture halls: HS 12.01 and HS 12.11 – the latter is known for introductory lectures or large examinations as a result of its size. The exact address is Universitätsstraße 2-4.


The Philoturm houses rooms for a wide range of subject areas – geosciences, history, chemistry and even philosophy. The building is one of the highest on the Campus and resembles a tower. Address: Heinrichstraße 26-28.

The oblong building complex at Universitätsstraße 15 is named after the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences which are housed there. This means that anyone studying Law, Business Administration, Economics, Sociology, etc. will spend a lot of time at RESOWI.


“Let's meet at the Shared Space!” Surrounded by the chemistry building, the Mensa (cafeteria), a Spar, a bar (Posaune) and the Martin Auer bakery, students can find the heart of the university district: the meeting area at Sonnenfelsplatz bustling with pedestrians, cyclists, cars, e-scooters and any other forms of transport.


“I’m at the UB.” Whenever you hear this, it means the heart of the campus, i.e. the University Library. Students can borrow and collect books there, as well as study or find a quiet place between classes.

University Library

“Which USI course are you doing?” The acronym for the University Sports Centre, which offers many different and affordable sports courses for students, will quickly become part of the university vocabulary. The Centre is located in the main building, Universitätsplatz 3.


The Preclinical Building / Vorklinik at Universitätsplatz 6 is shared by the Medical University (hence the name) and the University of Graz. It contains the lecture halls HS 06.01 (Willi Gaisch), HS 06.02 and HS 06.03 for students at the University of Graz.


“I have to go to the Wall!” Around a 10-minute walk/5-minute bike ride from the main campus is the Wall building at Merangasse 70. The subject areas Education and Educational Science, Romance Studies, Slavic Studies, Translation Studies and Linguistics are all located there under one roof. The name comes from the former Wall printing works which was located at this site.

“My lecture is in Willi Gaisch.” One of the largest lecture halls at the University is named after the Austrian politician of the same name, Willi Gaisch. The hall is located in the Preclinical Building, is also called HS 06.01, and is unmistakable with its red layout.

The ZMB stands for the Centre for Molecular Biosciences on the Humboldtstraße 48 – located just a stone’s throw away from the main campus. The complex contains laboratories, computer rooms and study areas which receive frequent visits from students of molecular biology, chemistry, and other similar subjects.

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