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Arctic adventure: Florina Schalamon on the challenges facing female polar explorers

Field research at the end of the world. On a ship in the Arctic Ocean, in a remote station or in a tent in the far north, at minus 40 degrees. A real adventure. Florina Schalamon, a doctoral student at the University of Graz, has already had some of such experiences. She is currently investigating changes in Greenland's glaciers as a result of climate change. And she has another topic in her sights: the challenges that women in particular face during research stays in polar regions. In a recently published international study, Schalamon and her colleagues show why the adventure often holds extra hurdles for female scientists and how these can be overcome.

Climate change and biodiversity: Gesäuse National Park becomes an open-air laboratory

The University of Graz and the Gesäuse National Park enter into a co-operation and create a unique open-air laboratory. Water sources, forests and insects provide important data. Researchers analyse this data and gain valuable insights for the future under new climatic conditions.

Arqus Teaching Excellence Award for Sabine Bergner

The teaching prize of the European University Alliance Arqus went this year to a psychologist from the University of Graz. Sabine Bergner was honored for her seminar "Psychological Principles of Negotiation, Persuasion and Influencing". The international award ceremony took place on July 3, 2024 as part of the Arqus annual conference at the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal.


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