Celts and plastics: two ERC grants for researchers at the University of Graz

A strong barrier: When EU borders become elastic

For some, its borders are too porous, for others, it is unbreachable. For 2500 people on the Mediterranean Sea, it has turned into a grave this year: at first sight, EU borders seem to be a new solid limes. However, established border lines are shifting both inwards and outwards under the effect of reception centres and outsourced and strengthened surveillance security teams. “Nationals borders have become elastic”, says political scientist Bilgin Ayata, who manages an extensive interdisciplinary research project of the Swiss NOMIS foundation at the University of Graz, Austria, which is run by an international team.

Science communication and the role of young researchers in times of crisis

What is the best way to communicate your own research? And are researchers allowed to engage in activism? These were the questions the participants asked themselves of this year's Doctoral Academy Day.

Book patronage for the restoration of historical treasures at Graz University Library

Discover 2500 years of concentrated knowledge in the thousands of book antiquities at Graz University Library. Papyri, manuscripts, incunabula, maps and printed books are waiting to be restored thanks to your sponsorship. Support the preservation of this unique treasure trove of books and secure exclusive insights into the world of this historical heritage. Become part of history - your patronage makes all the difference!

Warum nachtaktive Bienen Fotos verbessern: tierisches Verfahren gegen „Bildrauschen"

Da gibt’s den einen Augenblick, den man mit der Kamera verewigen wollte. Doch die Lichtverhältnisse waren schlecht und das Foto verrauscht. Was Software mehr oder weniger ausmerzen kann, gelingt auch mit einem Verfahren, das sich Biologe Manfred Hartbauer von der Natur abgeschaut hat. Der Forscher der Universität Graz nimmt Anleihen bei nachtaktiven Bienen und Schmetterlingen. Deren Methode hat er in einen Algorithmus gepackt, der das Bildrauschen entfernt, ohne die Bildschärfe wesentlich zu beeinträchtigen.