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Master’s module Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

Think entrepreneurially and implement your ideas




from the University of Graz

ECTS credit points


Module begins

summer semester

Module duration

2 Semester

Language of instruction


Added value

practice, network, skills

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity rather than a threat.”

Steve Jobs

In keeping with this motto, in the Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship module you will learn what it means

  • to start a business,
  • to lead and position an organisation; and
  • to act independently and in a solution-oriented manner within a company.

The focus is on entrepreneurial thinking and action as well as the ability to work autonomously. This is a form of working that is required and demanded in today’s world, not only in the business environment, but in all areas. That is why our module is open to students from all fields of study.

General information

3 Reasons to choose this master’s module


We link university and business.


We help you to achieve your goals or make your dreams come true.


You can expect practice-oriented, interactive and realistic teaching.

„Skills such as entrepreneurship, visionary thinking and dealing with uncertainty are important in today’s economy and for all professional challenges, due to the rapid and continuous changes.“

Martina Hölzl, Startup Supervisor

Module curriculum

In this module you will acquire central competences in the area of entrepreneurial thinking and acting. After completing the module you will be able to:

  • act in both business and society in a manner that is independent, responsible, sustainable and with a focus on solving problems; 
  • understand and deduce entrepreneurial processes and interrelationships; 
  • think in a networked way and look at problems from an entrepreneurial point of view as well as from other perspectives; 
  • generate interdisciplinary solutions and develop approaches that are relevant to the company; 
  • shape relationships with and formed by all stakeholders involved in the processes through leadership strategies; 
  • build basic economic attitudes to leadership and act accordingly; 
  • take on leadership responsibility and analyse, evaluate and reflect on related issues in order to contribute to entrepreneurial success.

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In terms of content, there is no overlap between the master’s module and the Leadership extended studies programme. It is possible to participate in both programmes. However, for time reasons, parallel completion is not recommended.


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