Radical Thought in the Anthropocene: Dimensions and Potentials of Critical Theory

International Symposium (01.-03.06.2023)

14:00 - 17:15
Stefan Baumgarten, Susanne Kogler
Wall-Gebäude, Merangasse 70/EG, MR 33.0.010

The symposium "Radical Thought in the Anthropocene: Dimensions and Potentials of Critical Theory" aims to kickstart a long-term project with the goal of establishing an interdisciplinary and international network on Critical Theory at the University of Graz. The symposium will take place from 1 to 3 June 2023 and its goal is to address a host of socially relevant questions against the backdrop of the recent ‘discovery’ of the Anthropocene, the emerging certitude that humanity – now for the first time as a geological force – is provoking devastating climate change. A select range of renowned scholars from various countries will discuss different dimensions of critique – including psychoanalytical, feminist and historical, technological and media perspectives – from a wide range of academic and sociocultural viewpoints, with specific emphasis on the tensions across theoretical reflection and social practice.

The following speakers have been secured for the 2023 symposium:

  • Stefan Baumgarten (Translation Studies, Graz): Introduction to the topic.
  • Michael J. Thompson (Political Science, New York): 'Phronetic Criticism and the Transformative Potential of Critical Theory'.
  • Roger Behrens (Social Philosophy, Hamburg): 'Reason and Counterrevolution. Dialectical Imagination, Paralysis of Criticism, Resignation'.
  • Heiko Feldner (Political Philosophy, Cardiff): 'New Utopian Realism'.
  • Stefan Gandler (Social Theory, Mexico City): 'Emancipation of Use-value in the Critical Theory from the Americas'.
  • Rodrigo Duarte (Philosophy, Belo Horizonte): 'Oswald de Andrade's Anthropophagy as an Early Model of Radical Thought'.
  • Daniela Holzer (Educational Science, Graz): 'Negative and Radical Thinking in Educational Science. Rethematizing unyielding critical theory'.
  • Sven Kramer (Literary Studies, Lüneburg): 'Current Nature Relations in Literature. On the critical potential of art'.
  • Gabriele Geml (Philosophy, Vienna): 'Die Sprachgestalt als Medium zwischen Theorie und Praxis. Reflections on the older Critical Theory'.
  • Sarah Pogoda (German Studies, Bangor/Wales): 'Of cheap knock-offs and Already-Mades. Forms of New Welsh Criticism'.
  • Susanne Kogler (Musicology, Graz): 'Art as Radical (Feminist) Thought: Materialism and Aesthetic Theory in the Anthropocene'.
  • Lydia Goehr (History of Philosophy, New York): 'Mistakes, Errors, and Accidents: New and Old Keys to Analysis in Film, Music, and the Machine Age'.

Thematically related art projects, combined with discussions, will accompany the scientific lectures:

  • Hannes Priesch, Graz: 'Hotel Abyss - Grund_Abgrund'.
  • Sarah Pogoda, Bangor/Wales: 'Adorno's Nos. Grazing Graz'

A film screening of Nikolaus Geyrhalter's 'Matter Out of Place' at the cinema KIZ Royal will be followed by a concluding film discussion and interview with the following participants:

Sophia Laggner, Assistant Director/2nd Director and Production Manager 'Erde', 'Matter Out of Place' and Stefan Baumgarten, and others.

The program will be rounded off by a panel discussion entitled 'Criticism in the field of tension between theory and practice', moderated by Renata Schmidtkunz (ORF) and including the following discussants:

  • Stefan Baumgarten (Ideology critique, Translation Studies, Graz)
  • Julian Blunk (Art criticism, Art history, Graz)
  • Juliane Jarke (Critical Data Studies, Sociology, Graz)
  • Judith Laister (Cultural Criticism, Cultural Anthropology, Graz)
  • Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl (Criticism of Science, Philosophy, Graz)

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Meeting-Passwort: QMjTwUxd562