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Procrastination - Why we put off important tasks and how to stop it

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Procrastination is the act of putting off until tomorrow what should be done today. Almost half of graduate students report that they always or almost always put off writing their papers and 88% of the workforce admit that they procrastinate at least one hour a day. Procrastination is a common affliction among students and academics that can have disastrous consequences. Those of us who practice it are well aware of its drawbacks. So why do we continue to procrastinate and how can it be stopped?

Gayannée Kedia is a researcher and teacher in social psychology and neuroscience at the University of Graz. She owns degrees in biology and psychology and has worked for several universities in France, UK, Germany, and Austria. She works as a writing coach and is the founder of abrilliantmind.blog, helping scientists be more productive and happier at work.