Confucianism in Modern China

Ksenia Radchenkova in her lecture presents the process of Confucian philosophy revival in Chinese political and social life starting in the middle of the 20th Century and up until modern days.

11:45 - 13:15
[0047EG0058] Hörsaal HS 47.01 (Regilind und Irmingard von Admont), Heinrichstraße 78 A, Erdgeschoß

Confucianism as the teaching advocating state governance by highly ethical scholar-bureaucrats and a society ruled by morality and a strong emphasis on hierarchical relationships experienced many difficulties in the 20th Century and was de facto forgotten as the state philosophy. In the 21st Century China, Confucianism is again functioning on the highest ideological level, providing the possibility of a moral vision that supports the politics of the ruling party (CCP), unites the Chinese population in the face of common civilizational goals and threats, and serves as a base for the new models of international order construction.