“Affective Citizenship: Migration and Belonging in Contemporary Europe” (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bilgin Ayata)

HuK-Forum gestaltet durch den Cluster "Migration"

18:00 - 20:00
Forschungsnetzwerk "Heterogenität und Kohäsion"
SZ 15.22, ReSoWi-Zentrum, Bauteil G, 2. Stock
Anmeldung bis 18.10.2020, 23:55

In the past four decades, states around the world have expanded and modified their citizenship laws in response to increasing cross-border mobility. On the one hand, this has led to more access and inclusion for a number of immigrants but at the same time, it also added new layers to existing racialized hierarchies of citizenship and belonging. This talk will introduce the concept of affective citizenship as a theoretical inquiry into affective dimensions of contemporary differential regimes of inclusion and exclusion. Based on two different ongoing research projects, the talk will explore the concept of Affective Citizenship based on two critical debates in Europe with regard to migration: one relating to the incorporation of Islam in Europe and one relating to the EU border regime and EU migration management in the Mediterranean.