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Studierende unterhalten sich lachend im Universitätsgebäude.

Environmental Systems Sciences / Climate Change and Transformation Science

Faculty of Environmental and Regional Sciences and Education

University degree

Master of Science „MSc“



Start of studies

Winter term 2023/24

Duration of study

4 semesters

Teaching language


type of study programme


Interdisciplinary Master's Programme

Our interdisciplinary Master's Program is unique in that you can choose a clear focus in either natural or social sciences, but at the same time learn to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries, to understand each others research problems and approaches. You develop an interdisciplinary community of practice which is essential to succeed in the complex field of climate change and social transformation.

3 reasons to study at the University of Graz

The interdisciplinary combination of natural sciences, social sciences and economics is unique!

You will study at a renowned, interdisciplinary institute with an outstanding international network. The program is embedded in the Field of Excellence Climate Change of the University of Graz: Here, more than hundred researchers investigate climate change, its risk for ecosystems and societies, and which economic, social, political and legal changes are necessary for a sustainable transformation towards a climate resilient society.

Graz is an exceptionally livable and attractive city with many international students. The proximity to the Alps offers excellent excursion destinations, and the Mediterranean is not far away either.

„I study "Climate Change and Transformation Science" because I plan a career in researching the most pressing issue of our time. The program offers theoretical understanding as well as methods to research processes influencing our climate. Graz is a beautiful city with great weather and a young population with lots of students from all over Europe. “


Current admission period

Full details of admissions procedures and current deadlines are available on our main page.

Overview of admissions and deadlines

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