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Eine Studierende und ein Studierender lernen gemeinsam an einem Tisch in einem Lernraum der Universitätsbibliothek Graz.

Studying and working

Many students at the University of Graz are, to varying degrees, holding down jobs alongside their studies. Sometimes to gain practical work experience and sometimes to boost their student budget.






For anyone who would like some insights into possible career areas, as well as interested companies and organisations, a visit to the careers fair, EXCELLENCE, is strongly recommended.

This one-day fair offers guidance and helps to focus your thinking about career options. It provides an opportunity for networking with potential employers and includes a programme of presentations and talks giving valuable tips for starting your professional life.



Lehrende steht vorn im Seminarraum und spricht zu den Studierenden, die verschwommen von hinten zu sehen sind.

Questions about career perpectives and getting a job?

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