Ukrainian Nature: The Particularities and Its Rule in the Formation of Contemporary Ukrainian Society

17:00 - 18:30
PBB Dimenisonen der Europäisierung & Zentrum für Südosteuropastudien
LS 15.01 (RESOWI, C, Ground Floor)

Mariia Rastvorova (Krok University, Kyiv, Ukraine) & Halyna Ilina (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv)

The lecture series offers a “crash course” on Ukraine taught by two visiting Ukrainian fellows at the University of Graz, Halyna Ilina and Mariia Rastvorova in the framework of the Field of Excellence “Dimensions of Europeanisation"

The lecture series is open to all interested and will have two strands, one focused on the history and development and contemporary Ukraine, the second on key geographical, economic and demographic aspects and developments in Ukraine. 

Halyna Ilina will focus on contemporary Ukraine and explore linguistic, religious, social, and cultural dimensions of Ukrainian identity. She will discuss the historical evolution of Ukrainian statehood focusing on the turning points in the life of Ukrainian society from the moment of Ukraine’s independence on August 24, 1991, to the present day. 

Mariia Rastvorova will examine Ukraine with a stronger focus on its geographical characteristics – nature, population, and economy. Topics include the natural, human and economic potential Ukraine and open the discussion about the scenarios of Ukrainian and European future.