Spice Up Your Moodle Course: Design Strategies and Engaging Activities

09:00 - 10:30
Zentrum für digitales Lehren und Lernen
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Registration ends 22.09.2023, 23:59

Join this webinar to learn effective strategies for building engaging Moodle courses. Discover how to structure your courses to promote self-directed learning and increase student engagement. Gain practical insights into activities that facilitate the learning process. Enhance your course design skills and create dynamic Moodle courses that maximize student outcomes.

The webinar will cover, among others, the following topics:


*Course formats & their features

* Suggestions for a pedagogically motivated course structure

* Stimulating student engagement with interactive elements, such as H5P

* Good-practice examples for supporting student learning with Moodle


This English-language webinar is aimed at all employees of the University of Graz and other persons who are interested in (re)designing their Moodle courses with attention to structure and student engagement.