Advanced Topics of Law & Technology - Guest Speaker Series

Exploring the relationship between Law, Society & Technology (5 May - 23 June, every Thursday)

00:00 - 23:59
Prof. Bilyana Petkova (Uni Graz) & Prof. Matthias Kettemann (Uni Innsbruck)
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Technology has transformative power – and this is generally a power for good. To rein in new technologies’ potential, we must think if and how to regulate them: through industry-wide codes of conduct, other soft or hard law mechanisms, co-regulation or perhaps through code itself. We should think hard so as not to overregulate – lest we stifle innovation; but we should think harder not to underregulate – lest we lose our personal freedoms.

This speaker series explores the relationship between law and technology focusing on selected topics such as online speech & intermediaries, artificial intelligence (AI), and data protection.

We will engage with relevant case law and discuss the institutional legitimacy of the judiciary, administrative agencies and other supervisory (non)elected bodies in that field. We seek to uncover what role familiar institutions of the law play and whether others can be adapted to the technological context.

5 May - 23 June, every Thursday:

  • 5 May, 15:00: Prof. Neil Richards (Washington University in St. Louis, School of Law), 'Why Privacy Matters' & Prof. Neil Lawrence (University of Cambridge), 'AI and Data Trusts'
  • 12 May, 15:00: Prof. Matthias Kettemann (University of Innsbruck) & PhD Candidate Polina Kulish (University of Jena), 'The Power of Platforms in the War in Ukraine'
  • 19 May, 15:00: Prof. Bilyana Petkova (University of Graz), 'Urban Law and Technology'
  • 25 May, 17:00: Dr. Ira S. Rubinstein (New York University School of Law), 'Free speech and Disinformation'
  • 02 June, 15:00: Dr. Martin Moore (King's College London), 'Regulating Big Tech'
  • 09 June, 15:00: Prof. Georgios Dimitropoulos (HBKU Law), 'The Law and Political Economy of Crypto-Globalization'
  • 15 June, 15:00: Dr. Raùl Carrillo (Law and Political Economy Project), 'Seeing Through Money: Democracy, Data Governance, and the Digital Dollar'
  • 23 June, 15:00: Prof. Ana Ramalho (Leiden University), 'EU Copyright Directive'