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Organisation & Structure

University Council


Vice Rector
Human Resources
Vice Rector
Vice Rector
Vice Rector
for Human Resources, Human Resource Development and Gender Equality for Research and Junior Researchers' Promotion for Financial Affairs, Resources and Location Development for Studies and Teaching


Organisational units

Faculty of Catholic Theology Faculty of Law Faculty of Business, Economic and Social Sciences Faculty of Environmental, Regional and Educational Sciences Faculty of Arts and Humanities Faculty of Natural Sciences Administrative Supervision by Rectorate

The University of Graz is a legal person under public law and comprises seven organisational units, i.e. six faculties and an administration and services department.
The supreme bodies of the university are the University Council, the Rectorate, the Rector and the Senate.
The University Act 2002 is the legal basis of the organisation. Moreover, every university may pass by way of statutory instruments the required rules of order (statute) in the frame of laws and regulations.

The Rectorate, the University Council and the Senate are the governing bodies of the University.


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