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With its enhanced services, UNI-IT supports the increasing challenges at university in the field of E-learning. For over ten years, new media and information technology in teaching have been supported and promoted by means of central EDP lecture rooms in the education centres. A comprehensive range of software is available at over 250 high-capacity PC workstations. Nearly all lecture halls at our university are equipped with teaching infrastructure (including beamers), providing optimum teaching conditions.


UNI-IT operates learning platforms with the purpose of disseminating its range of courses, which are accessible to all teachers and students of all faculties via a high-capacity internet connection. A major part of the campus is equipped with wireless hotspots. Learning platforms can supply comprehensive learning materials in real time. Examinations can be done electronically by means of dedicated software. Specially trained eTutors are trained at UNI-IT and then made available to teachers. Thanks to their expert knowledge, they are able to support numerous e-learning projects by implementing IT and media-based educational solutions.


[Translate to English:] UNI-IT Servicedesk Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2240


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