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Austrian Students' Union

The Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) is the official representative of all students’ interests in Austria. All degree and non-degree programme students at Austrian universities are members of the Union. As a students’ institution, it is a public body.  Every
two years, students’ representatives are re-elected in ÖH elections. The organisation structures of the ÖH are as follows:

  • Federal Representation (BV)
  • University Representation of Students (UV)
  • Faculty Representations or organs according to §12 HSG98 (FV)
  • Departmental Representation (StV)

FEDERAL REPRESENTATION: The Federal Representation, in short BV, has its headquarters in Vienna. It is responsible for representing the interests of students before the legislative body and the Federal Government. Besides, the BV makes decisions in issues which affect more than one university. It serves as an organ of coordination for the individual Students’ Unions in Austria. The mandataries of the BV are elected by the individual universities and academic institutions according to the proportion of votes in the fractions of the university representation of students.

UNIVERSITY REPRESENTATION: The University Representation of Students, in short UV, is the supreme body of the Students’ Union at any one university. Its task is to represent students’ interests before each respective university. This includes work in the university bodies such as in the Senate and the preparation of various different counselling activities and services (course materials, kindergarten etc.). The mandataries of the UV are elected in a list election (similar to a town council or a national parliament).

FACULTY REPRESENTATION: Each faculty at the University of Graz has its own Faculty Representation. Their fields of work range from counselling and information for students at the
respective faculty to the provision of service facilities (book exchange, course materials, study partner exchange) and representing students before professors at the university. Moreover, every Faculty Representation provides specific services such as the publication of journals.

DEPARTMENTAL REPRESENTATION: Every department has a representation, in short StV, within the Students’ Union. The StV’s tasks include counselling and solving problems relating to departmental studies. Moreover, they represent the interests of students in the curricular committee of the respective department. In addition, the administration of the Students’ Union at the University of Graz is divided into 15 topic-related departments whose tasks can be found under “Departments”.


Austrian Students' Union
Schubertstraße 6a, 8010 Graz
Bernhard Wieser Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2901


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