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Enrolment for applicants and new entrants

Advance registration and enrolment

In order to begin your studies at the University of Graz, you will need a general certificate of secondary education (such as A levels, Matura, Berufsreifeprüfung or vocational training diploma, university entrance qualification exam or Studienberechtigungsprüfung). First you have to register in advance on the internet. When you register in advance via the internet, your personal data and study choice is recorded and you will receive an appointment for your personal application and enrolment at the Office for Academic Affairs. With your enrolment during the general admission period and payment of your Student Union fee, you become an officially enrolled student at the University of Graz. International students are subject to special admission procedures which are explained under “International Students”.

Studies with restricted admission and study requirements

At the University of Graz, the bachelor’s programmes Psychology, Business Administration, Economics, Pharmacology, Biology, Molecular Biology and master’s programmes in Psychology are subject to restricted admission. More information on studienzugang.uni-graz.at. For Admission to secondary school teacher accreditation programmes follow zulassung-lehramt.uni-graz.at. However, for some other study programmes such as Sports Science and Kinesiology or language study programmes, you will be required to pass a qualification examination or additional examinations.

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