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Enrolling for programmes subject to specific access rules

Specific access rules apply to the Bachelor´s programmes Teacher Training Programme for Secondary Level General Education, Business Administration, Economics, Biology, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Psychology, Education, Transcultural Communication, Environmental System Sciences (Business Administration, Economics and Geography) and the Law diploma programme as well as the Master’s programmes Pharmacy and Psychology.

In order to embark upon one of these programmes, you must first complete a one or two-tier admission process, i.e. an admission examination or an online self-assessment plus an admission examination. You must register for this admission process within a set period and pay a fee of EUR 50 per programme to cover costs.

Once you have successfully completed the admission process, you provide some data online, i.e. your personal data and the relevant programme of study, and select an appointment to enrol in person at the Office of Academic Affairs. You must also fulfil the relevant requirements for admission to a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme at the University of Graz in order to actually enrol. As well as the general university entrance qualification exam (secondary school leaving examination, university entrance qualification exam, vocational school leaving exam), in some cases additional requirements for studying must be met. Once you have personally enrolled and paid the Austrian National Union of Students fee, you are enrolled as a degree programme student at the University of Graz.

All admission processes take place just once every academic year. Contingent upon successfully completing the process, you can commence your studies in the winter or summer term of that academic year.

Separate admission conditions apply to international students and Austrian nationals with a foreign university entrance qualification (school leaving qualification or certificate of completion of studies) in addition to the admission process.

The English-language NAWI Graz Master’s programmes Advanced Materials Science, Biotechnology, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Environmental System Sciences/Climate Change and Environmental Technology, Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics, Technical Chemistry and Technical Physics are also subject to their own admission conditions.

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