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Bridging the gap between your subject and IT

Master’s module Digitisation - Data Science

Learning to understand and use big data


from the University of Graz

ECTS credit points


Module begins

summer semester

Module duration

2 semesters

Languages of instruction

German & English

Added value

practice, network, skills

Help shape the digital transformation!

Digitisation is relevant for many professional groups. In this module, you will acquire key digital technologies (such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, data visualisation) for your subject. You will also learn to create prototype solutions for simple problems from your subject area, without having to become a developer!


General Information

3 reasons for choosing this Master’s module

innovative topics

on digital transformation

lots of practice

in implementing data-based technologies

highly relevant

to your subject and job

„The analysis of data is one of the most significant tools of our time. It turns raw data into usable information that serves as the basis for economically and socially relevant decisions. In the Master’s Plus programme, you will learn how to use this powerful tool to profit both people and companies.“

Patrick Ratheiser, CEO - Leftshift One

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Module curriculum

In addition to the implementation perspective of data-based technologies, after completing this Master’s module you will also be able to:

  • understand and competently discuss the central implications of the digital transformation from a technical, humanities, social and economic sciences as well as the ethical perspective,
  • understand the design options of data-based technologies and formulate requirements for different application contexts,
  • apply basic concepts and tools for simple problems,
  • analyse the socio-political dimension of digitisation and
  • describe the fundamental legal framework.
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