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Studierende gehen im Grünen vor dem Hauptgebäude der Uni Graz und unterhalten sich fröhlich miteinander.

6 reasons to study at the University of Graz

Research campus

Research and research-oriented teaching are distinguishing features here.

Shaping the future

Examine the past, reflect on the present and devise solutions for the future.

Asking questions

Understanding begins with questioning – not just any questions, but the right ones.

A great little city

A bit of everything, plenty of charm, compact and convenient layout.

Rich in arts and culture

From the Literaturhaus to the art gallery, or the island theatre on Murinsel to the Lendwirbel neighbourhood festival

Superb location

Easy access to the mountains, nearby towns and cities or to head south.

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Bachelor’s/Diploma programme: Business Administration, Biology, Economics, Educational Sciences, General Secondary Level Teacher Training, Law, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Psychology, Transcultural Communication, Environmental Systems Sciences/Business Administration (USW/BW), Environmental Systems Sciences/Geography, Environmental Systems Sciences/Economics

Master’s programme: Psychology, Pharmacy

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