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Competence centres are research and transfer facilities within a certain economic area, in which businesses and scientific bodies work together. They include basic research just as much as industrial research and experimental developments. The University of Graz is involved in several competence centres:

Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology

Our mission: knowledge-based economical and biotechnological processes.

On its way to a knowledge-based industrial biotechnology, ACIB plans to work on the development of more transparent, predictible bioprocesses which will render them quicker, calculable and cheaper on the basis of innovative activities of some 150 scientists. Whilst today’s process development is often built on empiricism, trial and error and optimisation, ACIB strives to improve insights into cellular systems together with enzymes and molecular mechanisms, in order to deduce fundamental parameters and use this new knowledge in predictable bioprocesses. In this way ACIB wishes to create new predictable and economically feasible production processes for bio-based industries. Such results can only be achieved in an intensive interdisciplinary collaboration.

This is the kind of interdisciplinarity which ACIB will dedicate its research to.

Know-Center GmbH

The Know-Center is Austria’s competence centre for knowledge-based applications and systems. Know-Center’s core competences lie in the fields of information technology for knowledge management and in human and organisation based knowledge management. As a link between science and business, Know-Center carries out problem-driven, result-oriented and practical R&D projects. The aim of each project is to translate basic scientific results into innovation projects for industrial enterprises.

evolaris next level Private Foundation

evolaris helps businesses to design tailor-made IT applications in order to bridge the gap between innovations in information technology and the needs of people, in short, to gain business value from it.  Businesses are able to outsource their research tasks in the area of economically useful development and use of information and communication technology to evolaris research lab. The evolaris solution center assists businesses in redesigning innovations into concrete success on the market.

Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH

This competence centre works with approx. 40 partners from the fields of business and science and, as a pre-competitive, business-friendly research society, contributes to the ongoing development and implementation of scientific knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical design and production and other related areas.

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Research Management and Service
Elisabethstraße 27, 8010 Graz

+43 (0)316 380 - 1287
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