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Under the motto “Business comes from science” the University of Graz has created UNIGRAZ Business News (UBN). In addition to personal contacts, the newsletter UNIGRAZ Business News informs all those concerned once a month about activities and offers of the University of Graz, which are of special interest for businesses.


  • Research result seeks user
  • Scientist seeks cooperation partner
  • Continuing education offer seeks interested people
  • Young scientist seeks career opportunity
  • Event seeks audience

 The know-how that is generated at six faculties and over 100 departments and centres makes the University of Graz an attractive cooperation partner, offering multi-faceted prospects to business circles. UNIGRAZ Business News addresses above all such businesses which have made little contact to the University of Graz and informs them about possibilities and offers for a successful cooperation. With incentives for new ideas and innovation, UNIGRAZ Business News actively strengthens the connection between science and business.


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