Technology transfer

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The University of Graz generates a broad range of knowledge from many different research areas. The university regards the protection of its own research results as an essential task, in order

  • to safeguard the freedom of research and teaching,
  • to ensure the visibility of research performance,
  • to promote technology and knowledge transfer with businesses and other research institutions
  • to fulfill its legal mission (2002 University Act).


The University of Graz aims to make use of research results for the best possible benefit of society. As a public research institution which is publicly funded, the university is committed to a fair and market-compliant remuneration of results protected by copyright.



The services of Research Management and Service comprise:

  • individual counselling for inventors
  • application for service inventions
  • application for patents
  • patent and technology research
  • international patent law regulations in the Third-Party funding sector
  • counselling and contract design when starting up a business
  • controlling and implementation of administrative activities

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Technology transfer, service inventions, patents DI (FH) Michael Freidl MA
+43 (0)316 380 - 3994
+43 (0)316 380 - 9034

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