Unlocking Creativity

Public Virtual Guest Lecture von David Gauntlett

17:00 - 18:30
Lehrstuhl für Geschlechtersoziologie & Gender Studies
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David Gauntlett has just finished writing a book called "Creativity: Seven Keys to Unlock Your Creative Self". It is a book about doing creativity, and the seven keys offer ways to rethink our capacities, unlock potential, and make a difference. He notes that the artists, musicians, and writers we think of as ‘very creative’ are just people, but they are the ones who have spent time developing ideas, and have turned them into something, and have found the confidence to share them with the world. None of these things comes naturally, so the book offers an array of research, advice and philosophy to fuel your understanding and passion for creativity. David Gauntlett draws on 25 years’ experience researching creativity from unusual angles, and combines insights from diverse creators with his own experiences making music, digital media, and drawing. He highlights the vitality of the individual creative voice in a world where social media offers a weird mix of inspiration and suffocation, and our struggles for social justice are equally hopeful and upsetting. In this talk Gauntlett will discuss how vulnerability, experimentation and courage can enable us to become bold and engaging creators.

This lecture is part of the Elisabeth List Fellowship ‘Everyday Creativity in (Post)socialism’ Public Lecture Series.