Should I stay, should I go? How to handle being unsure about your academic career

Stifte und gelbe Würfel auf grauem Grund

Workshop for Postdoctoral Researchers and Doctoral Candidates

09:00 - 15:30
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Anmeldung bis 09.11.2023, 09:46

Early career researchers are very productive, but initially have not much job security. Knowing that being passionate and hard-working might not be enough to be able to stay in academia long-term can make you question if this is the right path for you. An open space to discuss the question “Should I stay or should I go” can be helpful at any time during your predoc and postdoc phase.

Therefore, this workshop is intended to:

  • explore reasons for early career researchers to be on the fence about academia
  • learn from studies about good working conditions in academia 
  • determine what is needed individually to feel confident about staying in academia long-term
  • discuss skills acquired during a research career which are applicable for careers outside academia
  • work out individual solutions on how to handle feeling unsure

The workshop is open to everyone interested in this topic, especially to advanced doctoral researchers and early postdocs. The target group are persons willing to participate in an open exchange and collaborative sharing of common challenges and possible solutions. This is an offer of the PostDoc Office in cooperation with the Doctoral Academy Graz.

About the trainer: Johanna Stadlbauer coordinates the PostDoc Office at the University of Graz. She has a PhD in Cultural Anthropology and has previously worked in equality and diversity promotion as well as violence prevention.