oikos Talk: Everyday Tech Products

Sustainability Around You

19:00 - 21:00
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Our next oikos Talk is coming soon!!! Our second Talk would be on the topic “Everyday Tech Products” from our oikos Talk series “Sustainability Around You”! 

How can I be more responsible and save the environment when using everyday technologies?

If you now started to think… yes, how could I do that? Then you HAVE TO come to our online talk on:

Thursday, March 30th 2023 at

7 pm (7-9 pm CET)

Together with experts we will discover how we can choose, use and repair our everyday tech products more sustainably, and what secrets there are behind global supply chains. We will also question what happens when our smartphones and laptops reach the end of their life cycle and what is being done by corporations to make this branch more eco-friendly 

As always, we invited interesting local experts and entrepreneurs from the field:

Dietmar Hafner's career with over 15 years of experience has taken him to various software and consulting companies with a focus on telecommunications, intellectual property, global marketing, insurance, and the financial industry sector. His diverse interest range from practical philosophy which shows his desire for intellectual stimulation and the exploration of different perspectives on life, and engagement in various sports, to construction and repair of consumer and vehicle electronics which demonstrate practical problem-solving skills and technical aptitude. 

Darshini Waibel's expertise lies in strategy, sustainability, and regulation in the financial service sector. From the World Bank to the UK Government, she's had an impressive career spanning across the publice and private sectors. Now, she's advising finance and tech companies on sustainability, focusing on the people behind each product. She is a founder of Wiseblick, a sustainability talent network helping to accelerate the sustainability transition of the finance sector. 

We are looking forward to seeing you! 

Your oikos Talks Team!