Ecology and Politics in Southeastern Europe: Political Activism and Environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tihomir Dakić (Center for Environment, Banja Luka)

13:00 - 15:00
Schubertstr. 51 / HS 31.11

In the past decade many citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are engaging in struggles for sustainable protection of environment. They are organized mostly in local initiatives and watchdog organizations who are trying to be counterpoints to foreign investors as well as local corrupt political practices. From individual-idealistic perspective of political activist, lecturer as one of them, is examining the following questions: is activism "paying off", and if yes how and for whom; what are the tools and overall the role of civil society in struggles for environment protection; how is local academic community positioning toward those struggles and why; how are local media and politicians involved and not-involved in related struggles and why?

Tihomir Dakić works as program coordinator at the Center for Environment. Center for Environment is an organization that is clearly focused on environmental issues since its founding and beginning of activity. It was founded in 1999 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the aim to influence and contribute to the improvement of the environment through its active and proactive actions.