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Technology Offers

Hier finden Interessierte Technologieangebote zu neuen Entwicklungen, Erfindungen und Technologien der Universität Graz.

Die Liste stellt einen Auszug an verfügbaren Technologien dar. Sollten zu den hier angezeigten Technologien Fragen noch offen bleiben oder über weitere verfügbare Angebote zu einem bestimmten Fachgebiet ergeben, wird um Kontaktaufnahme gebeten.

Area Name Keywords Downloads
NEW pharma/chemistry novel 5-substituted dihydropyridinones as valuable synthons with antibacterial and anticancer activity 5-substituted dihydropyridiones, antibacterial, anticancer, reagents, synthons Download
NEW pharma, vaccine development outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) as heterologous antigen display system for vaccine development outer membrane vesicles, OMV, heterologous antigens, vaccine development, platform technology, vaccine platform, sars-cov-2 Download
chemistry “washing machine for books” – mass-deacidification of archival deacidification, nanoparticles, non-aqueous, chemical process, restoration, rescue, preservation, archival material, books, paper Download
chemistry/bio-catalysis method for shuttling photosynthetic redox equivalents to fuel extracellular biocatalytic reactions NADH, NADPH, photoautotrophy, cofactor recycling, photocatalysis, photobiocatalysis, reduction, photoautotrophic organism, cyanobacteria, ene-reductase, alcohol dehydrogenase Download


novel sulfonylimines as valuable reagents and antibacterial as well as antifungal agents sulfonylimines, sulfonylimine dienes, antibacterial, antifungal, reagents, synthons Download
pharma, pharmaceutical technology continuous manufacturing of porous pharmaceutical
dosage forms via hot-melt extrusion (HME)
hot-melt extrusion (hme), continuous hme, controlled drug release, drug dosage, porous dosage forms, development of dosage forms, implants, tablets, pellets, films Download
chemistry photometer flow-chemistry, uv-vis photometer, in-line analysis, real-time analysis Download
steganography (image protection) antifakealgorithm image protection, forensic image tool, camera technology Download
anti-collision sensors anticollision

collision detection, drones, bionic algorithm

pharma methoxylated flavones for the treatment of fungal infections fungal infections, flavonoids, antimycotics, potentiators, anti-proliferation, anti-biofilm Download

hydroxylated flavones for the treatment of fungal infections

fungal infections, flavonoids, antimycotics, potentiators, anti-proliferation, anti-biofilm

pharma/chemistry process for preparing novel piperidin-4-ones 2-substituted-piperidine-4-ones Download
agriculture biopisticide for locust treatment biopesticide, linseed oil, orange peel oil, carvon, locust Download
image processing night vision algorithm night vision, spatial integration, contrast enhancement, noise reduction, denoising, image enhancement, image processing


pharma treatment of sepsis and lung edema lung endothelial barrierer protection, sepsis, lung edema, toll-like receptor antagonists Download
pharmaceuticals inhibitors of Adipose Triglyceride Lipase (ATGL) for treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) adipose triglyceride lipase, ATGL, fatty liver, nafld, nash, metabolic syndrome Download

pharmaceuticals, animal health

treatment of american and european foulbrood bee disease, bee pest Download
chemistry new polymer building blocks polymer, polyvinylphenol, styrene, flame retardant, green chemistry, plastics Download


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