Franz Halter-Koch

| Institute of Mathematics | | Uni Graz |
 Department of Mathematics
 University of Graz
 A-8010 Graz, Austria

Research interests:

Algebraic number theory, elementary number theory and commutative algebra. At the moment, my main interests are:
  • Non-Unique Facorizations in monoids and integral domains

  • Investigation of invariants of non-unique factorizations for monoids and integral domains. Algebraic, combinatorial and analytic theory (joint work with A. Geroldinger).

  • Multiplicative ideal theory in monoids and integral domains

  •  Ideal systems on monoids and integral domains, their generalizations to module systems and the connections with semistar operations. Investigation
     of the structure and characterization of classes of monoids and integral domains defined by ideal-theoretic properties.

  • Binary quadratic forms and quadratic irrationalities
  • Representations of integers by binary quadratic forms. Relations with diophantine equations, continued fractions and the construction of class fields.

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