London Open GO Tournament 1999/2000

Hi GO Fans!

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Zhang Zhongyong (5d, UK) on his way winning the tournament.
Valentin Urziceanu (4d, RO) rethinks his last move.
Matthew MacFadyen (6d,UK) thinks hard.
Mirko Rupel (4d, SI) develops his strategy.
Tony Atkins (2d, UK) seems to be discotent.
Alison Jones (2d, UK) is reaching out for victory.
A part of an armenian-austrian-british-norwegian-romanian-slovenian-swedish bunch ready to celebrate into the new millenum.
Matthias Bahr (1d, DE) makes his move.
Tournament director Simon Bexfield (1d, UK, on the right) is playing a friendly game.
Geoff Kaniuk (1k, UK) placing his stone carefully.
Sue Paterson (2k, UK) is deep in thoughts.
Looking for the big sente move.
Little Shinada Kei (4k, BE) is a very talented and fast improving young player.
Matthew MacFadyens's advice is always welcome in the analyses of a game.
Georg Mischler (2k, DE, on the left) is beaten by little Kei.
The BIG M is facing defeat - as usual.
Martin Solity (3k, UK, on the right) is more is more interested in Vera Rupels (2k, SI) game, than in his own.
Romanias Luiza Teodorescu (9k), is deep in concentration.
Natasha Regan (9k, UK) shows a good performance winning 6 games out of 8.
Victor Chow (6d, ZA) gives a commentary on the final game.