The Psychology of Music: Poster Presentation

Seminar in Music Psychology, Winter semester 2011/12
Pöster presentation: Resowi, Uni Graz, 30 January 2012
Sponsored by: Centre for Systematic Musicology

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Does violent music evoke aggression?* Julian Abuzahra & Markus Pirker pdf
Does time fly when you're having fun - with music? Lukas Auer & Daniel Reisinger pdf
Do animals perceive musical dissonance? Mona Brandstetter & Sigrun Mogel pdf
Visual information and the aesthetic evaluation of sound and music* Michael Eder & Heiko Ernstreiter pdf
Emotional communication in speech and music* Zsofia Takacsy & Stefanie Glabischnig pdf
Why does music seem to move?* Anastasia Lagana pdf
Music therapy and mentally retarded children Laura Piller & Nina Nentwig pdf
The influence of music performance on children‘s intellectual development Stefanie Scherer & Paula Sandor pdf
Music and sport: Can music improve stamina?* Sabrina Sattmann & Anna Semlitsch pdf

Jury members: Erica Bisesi, Bernd Brabec, Martin Winter
Best poster award: Sabrina Sattmann & Anna Semlitsch
*The five marked posters were selected for display throughout 2012 at the Centre for Systematic Musicology

Posters from previous years (password protected): Winter 2010/11
Winter 2009/10

Richard ParncuttCentre for Systematic Musicology, Faculty of Humanities, University of Graz