Central Organizers: Mostafa Bachar, Jerry Batzel, and Franz Kappel
Institute for Mathematics and Scientific Computing, University of Graz

This series BioMedMath 07-10 is organized in cooperation with:

Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

CNR IASI BioMatLab, Rome

Department of Mathematics, University of Dundee

Scientific Focus: Mathematical modeling techniques essential for studying human biomedical and clinical problems at primarily the organ and system level with an emphasis on control mechanisms and clinical problems arising from deficiencies in these control mechanisms.

Program Structure: There are four events: each event combines a summer school and workshop. The last 3 days of each summer school are merged with a scientific workshop on the same topic allowing students to apply what they have learned and hear about up to date research via presentations by current researchers in the field.

Financial Assistance: This program is funded by the Marie Curie Conference and Training Courses Program. Support for attendance is available for eligible applicants.

Scientific Network: The design and structure of this program will seek to promote the development of a network of modeling researchers in related biomedical areas. Accessed from the Network button above is an information and dialogue page with items of interest such as listings of interesting upcoming events and open positions related to biomedical modeling, and virtual library

A poster describing BioMedMath07-10 can be downloaded HERE