Event 4     Dundee Scotland 2010

Mathematical Modelling of Cancer Growth and Treatment

Organizers: M. Chaplain

August 15 to August 28, 2010

The event web page can be found   HERE

Scientific Focus
The focus of the school will be on providing the student with an understanding of the biology/pathology of cancer growth and the mathematical modeling of all aspects of cancer growth and treatment. Topics to be covered include signal transduction pathways, the cell cycle, cell migration, avascular tumor growth, angiogenesis, invasion and metastasis and cancer treatment including chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The mathematical focus of the school will be the use of ordinary and partial differential equations.

Educational Focus
Instructors will include mathematicians, bio-engineers, and life scientists from academia and industry as well as medical clinicians. Students will benefit from this diverse and interdisciplinary group of researchers. These teachers, as researchers currently involved in modeling, will provide insight into key issues as well as insight into the complex interactions that exist in cellular systems. The distinguished group of leading researchers from academia and industry who attend the following workshop at the end of the school will provide valuable insight into practical matters of modeling such as multi-scale modeling, numerical and computational aspects of systems of differential equations.

Event Overview
The event consists of two components: (a) a 14 day summer school aimed at PhD and Post-Doc students (b) A 3 day scientific workshop with current researchers involved with the same scientific topic as the school. The last 3 days of the summer school are merged with the scientific workshop allowing students to learn about up to date research with current researchers in the field.