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Visualization of complex-valued functions


Click on any of the icons below to see a full-sized image (JPEG, each about 30k).

 f(z) = z
 (=color map)
 f(z)=1/z  f(z)=1/z2
 f(z)=1/(z5-1)  f(z) = z/conj(z)  f(z) = sqrt(z)
 f(z) = z3/2  f(z) = ln(z)  f(z) = exp(z)
 f(z) = exp(1/z)  f(z) = sin(z)  f(z) = tan(z)
 f(z) = arctan(z)  f(z) = artanh(z)  f(z) = gamma(z)
 f(z) = erf(1/z)  f(z) = zeta(z)  f(z) = J0(z)+iY0(z)

These plots have been generated with Mathematica using the package ComplexPlot.m. This package uses a mapping of the compactified complex plane onto the surface of the color manifold in the HLS color model. This mapping can be described as a stereographic projection. A similar (but not the same) color map is described on John L. Richardson's page about visualization.

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Bernd Thaller
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