SCHEUER C. & WEBSTER J. (1990). Dactylella arcuata sp. nov., a nematode-trapping hyphomycete. - Mycological Research 94(5): 718-720.

Abstract: Dactylella arcuata, a nematophagous hyaline hyphomycete recovered from a small leaf portion of Ammophila arenaria is described.
[an anamorphic Orbilia species, currently named Dactylellina arcuata (Scheuer & J. Webster) Ying Yang & Xing Z. Liu]

Illustrations: Dactylella arcuata. Fig. 1. Young and mature conidia on conidiophores. Fig. 2. (a) Development of traps. (b) Nematode caught by a more elaborate trap. (c) Fully mature conidia with a sticky knob at the tip. - Bar scales = 20 Ám.